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Topics: Prescription drug, Medical prescription, Pharmacology Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: March 27, 2013
1.Reading Comprehension
oReading comprehension is one important communication skill a pharmacy technician must have. They must be able to read and understand prescription information and instructions from doctors to fill patients' prescriptions. Pharmacy technicians need to be able to fill prescriptions with detail and accuracy, as even a slight mistake or misunderstanding can be dangerous to a patient. Prescription drugs are often long and uncommon words, so pharmacy technicians need to read each prescription accurately, and call the doctor's office with any questions or clarification. Give Instruction

oOne management and communication skill pharmacy technicians must have is the ability to give instructions. Pharmacy technicians needs to communicate clearly to patients regarding usage and other details of their prescription or over-the-counter medication. Patients must follow their doctor's orders when it comes to how much prescription medication to take, and when -- it the pharmacy technician's responsibility to help patients understand those details. Pharmacy technicians also must be able to give instruction and communicate other information to co-workers. o

Customer Service
oCustomer service skills are another valuable communication aspect of a pharmacy technician's job. Patients often have a number of different options when it comes to pharmacies for prescription fulfillment. Therefore, to retain existing customers and attract new ones, pharmacy technicians need to be friendly, personable and helpful. Providing patients with quality service gives them a reason to keep coming back. Inventory and Maintenance

oAnother management skill a pharmacy technician must have is the ability to take accurate inventory and perform maintenance on all equipment and the facility in general. Pharmacy technicians must keep accurate inventory of medication so they know what they have on hand. They must discard expired medication and stock new medication, and record...
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