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Topics: Mary J. Blige, Hammond organ, Religious music Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: July 8, 2010
My Favorite types of Music

Of all the types of music that I enjoy, two of my favorites are gospel and Rhythm and Blues (R&B); however, gospel is my favorite. It is my favorite because it is uplifting and encouraging. On the other hand, I also like listening to R&B. For example, when it’s time to clean up and I’m dragging around, R&B always pumps me up and gets me ready and energized.

Generally speaking, gospel is my favorite type of music; however I didn’t always like it. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I became a lover of this genre. One of the Elder’s at my church came to me on the day that my children were baptized; he said he wanted us to listen to gospel music for seven days. Now I’m thinking to myself, this is going to be very challenging. Immediately, I changed my radio to 104.3, which is a gospel station. Consequently, my children didn’t like the music; therefore seldom wanted to ride with me. As the days went by, I began to grow fonder of the music that I was listening to. Meanwhile, I lost my job, and it seemed as though the devil was attacking me from all angles. In spite of that, I found gospel music to have the ability to heal, deliver and set me free from whatever was troubling me. In addition to that, it is also apart of my daily worship. Furthermore, one of my favorite gospel artist is Chris Harris. He has an award winning song titled, “Let It Be Me.” Next, there is Fred Hammond. I love his song titled, “They That Wait”. It lets me know that when I have a problem or I am going through something; that I must pray, have faith and wait on the Lord to fix it. As a result of listening to gospel for seven days, I have learned to love and appreciate it.

Even though I enjoy gospel the most, R&B is my second favorite. I have always been a lover of this type of music. On the contrary, I love to lie in my bed at night and listen to “The Sweat Hotel”. It makes me think about my husband...
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