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Topics: Scientific method, Medicine, Alternative medicine Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Compare-Contrast Traditional Medicine (TM) and Modern Medicine (MM)

The use of any sort remedy to cure and prevent diseases has always been the priority of mankind. Whether one resorts to modern medication, traditional medicine or alternative medication, the objective is always one: to keep ailments at bay. In the last few years alternative medication has been gaining pace. Reiki, Ayurveda and acupuncture treatments are no longer alien in our cultures today. However, traditional medicine and modern medicine are still much preferred choices. Being so, there are some who gravitate towards using more old fashioned methods of treating illness while many believe the scientific method is the trusted method. In order to decide which method of medication is better, TM and MM can be compared and contrasted in terms method of preparation, price and efficacy. There are similarities and differences in the method of preparation for TM and MM. Both require the use of ingredients and substances that are of very fine quality. They also are prepared in environments that are conducive to the resources and materials in use. In both cases a certain amount of skill is necessary in preparing the medicine. However, in the case of TM there is an absolute reliance on natural ingredients; for example, herbs, roots and dried animal parts are not unusual. A lot of these can also be boiled in water with red dates and rock sugar in the convenience of your home. But TM has also grown to a point where, just like MM, it undergoes complex processes and procedures in a lab environment. The use of chemicals and generic elements clearly sets MM apart from TM. We can also compare and contrast TM and MM in terms of the price factor. Both MM and TM have the tendency of being quite expensive. MM is expensive because of the research and development involved in administering the drug. TM on the other hand is costly because of the authenticity and exclusivity of the raw ingredients which are scarce in...
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