Comparing Values

Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Sociology Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: March 10, 2013

Comparing Values

Melanie Taylor

HSM/210 Human Services in the United States


Maria Brown

University of Phoenix


Comparing Values

1. What values underlie your desire to help others?
Answer: My values that underlie my desire to help others are the ability to make my clients my number one priority and also treat my clients fairly and with respects.

2. What social issues do you feel strongly about?
Answer: The social issues which I feel strongly about is when ladies whom are pregnant still consume alcohol and smoking habits. It really breaks my heart to see these ladies participating these bad supplemental into their bodies knowing that it is very harmful for their unborn baby or babies even harmful on their own bodies. These ladies do not have any kind of care in the world and they are very selfish by putting their needs first.

3. What would like to accomplish in human services?
Answer: First and most I would like to accomplish my degree in human services and to be the best successful human service worker where I would have clients whose life will have been successfully turned around.

4. Which client behaviors would you have trouble accepting?
Answer: The client behaviors that would really be a trouble for me accepting is clients with abandoned issues such has mothers abandoning their baby or babies in varies of bad places. This issue is a case of abuse and children are put on this earth to be loved and be safe not to be harmed, every child is a gift sent from god.
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