Competitive Strategies: Ducati vs. Harley Davidson

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Competitive Strategies: Ducati vs. Harley Davidson
BUS 508 Contemporary Business
November 5, 2013

Determine how each corporate culture differs from the other. Ducati is Italian through and through, and Harley Davidson is American made Muscle. While both are very popular brand name motorcycles, they differ in many ways while still having huge followings. Though the two may differ in their customer base, it is certainly agreed that they are both awe-inspiring works of art. According to Lustgarten (2004) in an article published in Forbes Magazine, the corporate culture practiced at Harley-Davidson is, “a place where workers are customers and leather jackets are more common than neckties, that means a lot.” While casual in attire, the employees also have access to executives with offices without doors, “where workers say they're free to speak their minds,” providing input and feedback concerning the company (Lustgarten, 2004). The Harley Davidson website uses the following to describe their corporate culture: “Culture as strong as iron and steel in which the employees are the biggest investment in the future of the company and their competitive advantage (Harley-Davidson, 2013)”. They also state that with that investment in the employees, they in turn want to provide the best possible service and products to customers. With this style of leadership, success is surely in the path of this company. Ducati culture on the other hand is reflected in the staff that Ducati seeks, such as those with, “passion, an obsession for quality and the pursuit of excellence are the factors which distinguish people who work for Ducati (Ducati USA, 2012).” A representation of the Italian culture that supports performance, aesthetics and status are the marks by which the organization holds itself and chooses its staff. Racing and winning are the focus. Silvano Fini, a manager for the company in Bolonge,...

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