Computer Software and Tea Collection

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1.Identify the key software applications used by The Tea Collection. The Tea Collection being one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, using the information technology system has helped them grow by using this software to design their cloth and using the application for selling of their products. The demographic – data mapping software has help The Tea Collection company to geographic the area of most needs for the products. Software that was created for the company is a tool bag in for retailers to make it easier for the ordering processing for the internet users. With the software application being used by this company it creates more traffic to the business and can help to target the product needed.

2.How does the geo-mapping software help the company grow? Explain how sales reps use the results of the geo-mapping system.

Tea Collection has implemented software to help them sell their line across the country. The executives at Tea Collection use this software to target new customers. The software helps them identify potential locations by ZIP codes that are not oversaturated with children’s clothing and fit their demographics criteria. Once an area is preselected they layer on top to see the landscape of the area and where they already have Tea stores. A yellow dot in a green area is then added to where they have highest prospects and sales reps making this an area the company wants to pursue new business.

3.What is the main technology challenge identified in the video? How would you suggest this challenge should be addressed? The main challenge that was explained in the video was the integration of the different computer systems. As per Leigh Rawdon, the entrepreneur of the business said “the biggest challenge is the technology’s integration; the collection uses multiple computer systems which don’t integrate automatically and therefore the tasks of integrating those systems are accomplished by people.” To address this...
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