Computerized Sales and Inventory of Hbs Herbal Product

Topics: Herbalism, Ayurveda, Alternative medicine Pages: 13 (4107 words) Published: August 30, 2013
Information technology department

Thesis title
Computerized sales & Inventory system of
HBS Herbal product

A thesis Presented to the Faculty of
Information Technology Department
Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa
Marawoy, Lipa city

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree of
Associate in Computer Technology


Tuaño, Sara-jayne S.
Martija, Joricris
Juangco, John
Bandojo, Ry-chel
Magsombol, Fatima
Cuevas, Gellie joy
Peliño, Raquel
Eglosa, Jonathan


Title: Computerized sales and inventory system of
HBS Herbal Products

Course: Information Technology
Type of document: Thesis
Number of Pages: 23
Adviser: Jingle H. Leynes
Institution: Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa
Address: Marawoy, Lipa City


All human being have urge to look beautiful. It is because of this reason that they have been using different types of materials from time immemorial. In early period cosmetics were associated with religious practices. It is almost true for all old civilizations like Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, and Greek. Ubtan with flour, turmeric and vegetables oil before marriage is still practiced in India. Kum Kum is still being applied by women. During the early period, all cosmetics items were made in the home. Natural materials like aromatic materials, spices, herbs, resins, dyes, fats, oils, and the natives of different counties used perfumes. Herbs as medicines are being used since Vedic age. Now-a-days people give preference to the herbal products, as the chemical products being used for cosmetics are costlier and have side effects. Herbal products are based o plants, natural minerals in single ingredient drugs and compound formulations. The Ayurvedic herbal products/ drugs are derived from vegetable sources from various parts of the plants like root, leaf, flower fruit extrude or plant as a whole. There is more recognition for herbal products in the country now than the past few decades. This herbal concept is gaining ground and attracting attention worldwide. There is more and more scientific research being conducted in our country for treatment of various skin and hair problems through herbal therapy which is not having side effects on skin, thus been recognized world over. Thus herbal products are becoming popular day-by-day and demand for its usage is increasing not only in the country but also worldwide, the inherent quality of herbal treatment of having negligible side/ after effects has made great potential for its production. A large number of medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs etc. are available in our country in the hilly / forest regions. In order to boost the production of herbal products, Govt. of India has also set up a board namely Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy to encourage production of herbal products especially in the regions where basic raw materials are available in plenty. As the side effects of cosmetics and other chemical based product is increasing day by day. It gives an indication that there are some harmful chemical based ingredients, which are harmful for our body. Therefore, to get remedy for all above problems only one solution is there and i.e -using of herbal products instead of others. As the demand of herbal products is increasing day by day and you can sell your products in general market of the country including this these type of products can also be supplied to the Govt. Store Depot/ canteen for further distribution among the employees of Defense, Railways and other Govt. Departments. Herbs have been the main source of medicine throughout human history. That they are still widely used today is not a throwback to the Dark Ages but an indication that herbs are a growing part of modern, high-tech medicine: about 25-30 percent of today's prescription drugs contain chemicals derived from plants. Some 119 chemical...
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