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Identify and explain causes of conflict.
There are a number of different causes of conflict; however, these can largely be classified under a limited number of headings, namely land disputes, politics, religious and cultural differences and the distribution and use of resources. Most conflicts are caused by a combination of factors and it is very difficult, in most cases, to highlight dominant and less dominant causes. Some conflicts however tend to lean towards some causes more than others. For example the war in Afghanistan is predominantly a result of conflicting ideologies and that the Taliban were protecting Osama bin Laden from the US. The Arab-Israeli conflict is mostly about territory with a little water resource conflict thrown in, whilst the war in Iraq was caused partly by conflicting ideologies and partly by the vast oil resources which Saddam Hussein controlled. Another source are Conflicts between people which can lead to one fatally harming another, between team members at work, even between family members and within relationships. What methods must be employed for reconciliation?

The methods that can be employed is to ignore the conflict in hopes that it will go away on its own, or smooth over the conflict but it is only temporary and tension may rise again. Negotiating a resolution to the conflict is a good way to find resolve. Both sides get what they want by possibly giving up something in return to make a peaceful solution. Most of the time this works out really well. Using collaboration to resolve the conflict. This is the typical win-win scenario. Both parties win when they use collaboration if trust is there, this conflict resolution scenario can be the best way to resolve conflicts once and for all. When all parties come together, communicate, and trust each other a definitive resolution to their conflict can occur.
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