Conflicting Perspectives

Topics: Osama bin Laden, September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The innate human obsession with the “truth” and the persistent search for it, poses the question: Does one truth really exist, or does the truth depend on one’s perspective? The relationship between truth and perspectives is a key concept in Ted Hughes’ Birthday Letters, this idea is supported in the film Vantage Point and the Scientific American’s report on the social perspectives of the death of Bin Laden, “What Bin Laden’s death means to us and society?” Essentially Vantage Point is a film about one event seen through eight different perspectives. As each perspective is revealed, more about the event is understood. There is no one single perspective that reveals the “truth” it is only through the evaluation of all eight perspectives a conclusion can be made. While all eight individuals will believe there perspective is the truth, one perspective in isolation lacks vital context. When read together with “what does Bin Larden’s death mean to society?” the two reaffirm the concept that the truth can only be found through the assessment of conflicting perspectives, as well as showing that influences such as point of view, personal history and morals alter one’s overall perspective. Point of view is a key component that shapes one’s understanding of an event or situation that has transpired. A point of view is determined through a combination of life experience and the level of relevant context known. This is the motif and the underlying principle of Pete Travis’s Vantage Point, in which each perspective completes the viewer’s metaphorical puzzle of the kidnapping murder of the US President. The forth vantage point (perspective) we witness is that of Howard Lewis, a middle aged African American on vacation to the Spanish capital, Madrid. One telling perspective in which this idea of understanding through point of view, is seen when Howard witnesses what to him seems like a romantic encounter between two young lovers. From later vantage points we learn that this...
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