consumer behavior

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Consumer Behavior
A Vera Bradley handbag can be one of the many fashion statements made by almost any female ranging from the age of 10 to 90. “Vera Bradley is a leader in fashionable, colorful, cotton quilted handbags, accessories, luggage, and paper and gift items for women of every age.” As one can see this product is mostly purchased by women. However, each individual has their own personal characteristics like gender, age, family life cycle, personality, self-concept, and lifestyle that influence their purchase.

With women making nearly “85 percent” of all consumer purchases, it is important that marketers appeal to this gender. Gender culture affects a woman during every moment of her life. What you, the marketer, care about, though, are the moments when she is thinking about your product or in this case a Vera Bradley handbag. With the spring season coming up, Vera Bradley is rolling out the summertime totes with the sayings “call your girlfriend, grab your fun colored tote, and soak up some much needed in that summertime fun.” Women love time with their friends, this company uses this to assure that all women can have a fun time together. Vera Bradley also uses social media and other online sites to promote their product, reassuring each woman to have that personalized handbag that is the must have bag. All in all, gender is an important tool to keep in mind for marketers especially for companies like Vera Bradley whom target women as their consumers.

Age is another factor that contributes to a consumer purchase. For the Vera Bradley case this comes into play with the different patterns that the company promotes. As the younger generation 10-30 wants “bright” colorful patterns, the older generation 30-90 sticks to the basic patterns that have been around since the company started. Also the types of handbags that women choose vary depending on age. Young girls are always seen walking around with the Vera Bradley print backpacks, while their...

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