Consumer Buying Behavior on Two Wheelers

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India is the second largest producer of the two-wheelers. The two wheeler segments contribute the largest volume amongst all the segments in automobile industry. The country stands next to China and Japan in terms of production and sales respectively. The industry is growing at 30 % annually. It consists of three segments viz. scooters, motorcycles and moped. Majority of Indians, especially the youngsters prefer motorbikes rather than cars. Capturing a large share in the two-wheeler industry, bikes and scooters cover a major segment. Bikes are considered to be the favorite among the youth generation, as they help in easy commutation

Review of literature:

1. Omesh Chadha (2011) has found that the motorcycle segment is dominated by 4 major players viz. Hero Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Royal Enfield. The growing size of the middle class and the rise in aspiration of the youth along with the opening up of the Indian Economy has collectively influenced the steady growth of two wheelers market in India. 2. Faiz Ahmed Shaikh (Aug 2012) has found that, in the last two years, the Indian two wheelers industry has seen spectacular growth as majority of Indians especially youngster prefer these as most convenient means of transport. The objective of the two wheeler industry is to sustain market share through satisfying customer needs and expectations. 3. S.Saravanan (2009), N.Panchanatham (2009), S.Pragadeeswaran (2009) has done an investigation to find out the consumer behavior towards showroom service of two wheelers. This study is made to describe the consumer satisfaction of two wheelers with respect to socio-economic characteristics as age, gender, occupation, family income, educational level and so on which is called descriptive study. The results shows that students and employees are more satisfied about show room services. 4. Arumugasamy G (April 2012) has made an attempt to explore the influencing effect of two wheeler is a blessing to middle class consumers. Demand under

ordinary circumstances is the function of price, not only price but also too many economic and non-economic factors. Present study has examined the theory of demand in the light of such factors and a significant determinant. 5. R.M. Shanthi and Dr.M. Sakthivel Murugan found that India is witnessing a change in consumerism The product is now predominantly consumer driver consumer is given many options to decide. 6. Skyline Business School (July 2010) has conducted a survey in order to assess the marketing strategies of two wheeler segments in automobile industry of Bajaj and Hero Honda. An attempt has been made to understand the satisfaction level of the customers towards dealer services. 7. S.K. Droga has found that whether celebrity endorsement act as a brand building. Important factor revealed that mostly people want to see male celebrities endorsing automobile vehicles rather than females. 8. S.G.Sureshrajan and M.Selvachandra has found out that two wheeler industry is growing at the rate of 10-15% factor contributing to this growth is the rural consumers potential. 9. Arun kumar kanoja has found out that the insight of the industry encompassing its evolution in India, demand drivers, influence supply side factors commentary on industry player and competition and the trends in domestic scale and exports. 10. Mahendra, M.S.V has found that in India has grown vastly during the recent past. India is the 2nd largest consumer of two wheelers. 11. Banerjee,Walker,Deakin,Kanafani, has found that spurred by rapid economic growth, personal vehicle ownership in India is increasing at a fast pace. They have forecast on the mix of the motorized personal vehicle fleet. 12. Kaushal, Shailesh, Anand, Shaileja has found that user differ in consumer behavior towards motivation factor of two wheelers. This study helps the managers to understand...
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