Consumer Perception on Hero Moto Corp

Topics: Motorcycle, Statistics, Honda Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: December 2, 2012
A Study on consumer perception towards HERO MotoCorp bikes and after sales services provided in Chennai city A Project proposal
(Submitted by R.Sethuraman, Roll No: 0906MBA0547: Reg No: 68210250011) 1.1 PRIMARY OBJECTIVES
* To analyze consumer perception towards Hero Honda motor bikes * To get feed back on what consumer expects from Hero Honda * To analyze consumer perception towards services offered by Hero Honda and performance of the motor cycle.

* To analyze the buying ratio of the various products by customer and to identify the top rated products/bikes and which of the service satisfies them. * To identify the various features of bikes those are expected by most of the customers while buying the two wheelers. * To get the statistics on satisfaction ratio of the customers on the hero Honda products and services who owns hero Honda bikes.

Nowadays two wheelers become very important thing which is very convenient vehicle in highly traffic cities like Chennai. So many leading companies are there in this field like tvs, bajaj, yamaha, and etc, but Hero Honda / Hero moto corp is one of the most successful enterprise for past 25 years. The study describes how this concern is differing from other providers and why people go for it. Also it brings the various statistic results on the buying ratio.

Data analysis is seen to be series of distinct action:
* Formulate data analysis goals.
* State assumption about data measurement
* Specify the hypothesis
* Choose the appropriate statistical test
* Determine the significant level and decision rules.
* Calculate the test statistics
* Observe the critical value of the test statistics from the statistical table. * Draw necessary inferences.

* The study helps to understand the level of awareness and perception of the...
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