Consumer Perception Towards Hero Honda Bikes

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* Introduction
* Nature & scope of the study
* Objectives of the study
* Research Methodology
* Need for the study
* Limitations of the study


* Industry profile
* Company profile





Consumer perception theory is any attempt to understand how a consumer's perception of a product or service influences their behavior. Those who study consumer perception try to understand why consumers make the decisions they do, and how to influence these decisions. Usually, consumer perception theory is used by marketers when designing a campaign for a product or brand. However, some people study consumer perception in order to understand psychology in a much more general sense. Perception

In general psychological terms, perception is our ability to make some kind of sense of reality from the external sensory stimuli to which we are exposed. Several factors can influence our perception, causing it to change in certain ways. For example, repeated exposure to one kind of stimuli can either make us oversensitive or desensitized to it. Additionally, the amount of attention we focus on something can cause a change in our perception of it. Branding

A brand, or a brand name, is the attempt to impose some kind of identifying feature on a product or service so that it is easily recognized by the general public. A brand is oftentimes associated with an image, a set of expectations or recognizable logo. The goal of a brand is to set a product or service apart from others of its kind, and influence the consumers to choose the product over similar products simply because of its associations. Positioning, Repositioning or Depositioning

Positioning is the process whereby marketers attempt to build a brand. Marketers actively try to create an image which is both recognizable and appeals to a certain group of people or target market. Repositioning is the process of altering this image, usually in order to influence a larger target market and thereby influence the behavior of a greater number of consumers. Repositioning is the practice of trying to devalue alternative, competing brands in the perceptions of a shared target market. What is Perception?

Perception is basically a cognitive or thinking process and an individual activities, emotions, feelings etc. are based on his or her perception of their surroundings or environment Perception is a mental process, where by an individual selects data or information from the environment, organizes it and then draws significance or meaning from it. Perception being an intellectual and cognitive process will be subjective in nature. That is, as a subjective process, different people may perceive the environmental occurrence of an event differently, based on which aspects of a situation is absorbed by them, how they organize this information and on how they draw meaning and interpret it so as to obtain a meaning full understanding of the situation. From this we can see that subjectively “perceived reality” will vary from person to person in a given situation.

Factors effecting Perception:-

Internal Factors:-

Customers may not receive the message passively. Usually customers may take the message given to them by the marketers and then use it so that is may fit into their own internal world and then try to work out in their mind.

About clues to determine the brands capability, Marketers are interested in knowing what is the impact of their usage of marketing mix elements on the minds of the consumers? The marketer has to constantly understand.

External factors:

Physical properties of the stimulus include...
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