Controversy of Medication

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The Controversy of Medication

The Controversy of Medication
The use of pharmacological treatment to manage behavioral problems, such as EBD and ADHD, is a frequently used, yet highly controversial topic. Medication seems to be the quick, convenient solution to behavioral problems. Research, for the most part, has shown positive results regarding medicating children with behavioral disorders, according to Rosenberg, Westling, and McLeskey (2007). However, many concerns, regarding the long-term health and social impact of this type of intervention, are being raised. Although medication may seem like the easiest solution, many wonder whether it is the most advantageous solution.

Treating EBD and ADHD with medication has proven to be an extremely effective method. According to Rosenberg, Westling, and McLeskey (2007), 70-96% of students with ADHD respond to medication, such as stimulants and amphetamines, with reduced symptoms. Psychotropic medication controls the symptoms of behavioral disorders, without which, a student may not be able to perform academically. Controlling the symptoms of EBD and ADHD helps ensure a teacher’s ability to provide every student with an adequate education.

Using pharmacological treatment to manage behavioral problems has been a cause for concern over the past several years. One obvious concern is the side effects that these types of medication carry: headache, stomach ache, insomnia, decreased appetite, motor tics, and dizziness (Rosenberg, Westling, & McLeskey, 2007). Another concern regarding treating EBD and ADHD with medication is the long-term health effects this type of intervention can have on young children; the long-term efficacy of some psychotropic drugs is unknown. Medications also can be unsafe if the dosage is incorrect.

I believe that medication is necessary to fully treat behavioral problems such as EBD and ADHD. I believe that without medication to treat some of the symptoms of these disorders, students...

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