Crack Babies and Their Everyday Problems

Topics: Pregnancy, Infant, Childbirth Pages: 4 (1701 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Joshua J Lashley
March 20, 2005
Crack babies and there every day problems.
Dr Wigfall
Eng 120

When walking through my neighborhood you see a lot of things that could really hurt you. Things you wouldn’t ever dream of. A nightmare is what you could call it, which is what you would really see. Walk on the wrong street at the wrong time you could get beat up or jump for a couple of dollars or even your shoes, just so someone could get high, and if you walk through the wrong path you could be approached by a prostitute, a pimp, or even a drug dealer trying to get into your pockets or even get you to work for them.

On day I was walking up the road to play basketball and I saw something that I would never dream of. I saw a woman that was pregnant lying in the ditch with a needle hanging out of her arm. This was not the type of needle that you get from a doctor or a hospital. You could tell that this was doing drugs, crack cocaine in public and in front of everyone. She didn’t care where she was and what would happen to her at that moment. All she wanted and cared about was a fix. She was killing herself and her unborn child slowly.

One of America’s rapid growing problems today is crack babies. When you use the term or even hear the term crack babies, you think that the baby have been put on the drug or is even doing it themselves. But do you know as a child, you have no say so if you are a crack baby or not. So many pregnant women do drugs everyday. And the number is just increasing by the hour. Your mother has so much say so in your life. While you are in her womb, it is her who decides to drink that beer are smoke that cigarette. And when she sticks that needle in her arm, she is deciding you life for you right there. She is letting you know that you will have a life long of problems that will cost a lot of money (that most of the time she don’t have) to fix. But if they would just stop and think about what they are doing and how...
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