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Creating a Social Program

By tenika0354 Oct 28, 2012 2139 Words
Tenika McDonald

Creating a Social Program

Courtney Devaull

October 27th 2012

Millions of Americans Lack Access to Dental Care, my goal is to identify my social program proposal to nip the problem in the bud. “More than 33 million Americans live in an area where there are too few dentist to meet the dental needs of children and retirees, as they lack access to good oral health because they can’t afford it”(US News and World Report, 2011). Many social programs developed by human services organizations exists throughout the world; but not many, if any are designed for fixing the neglected issues surrounding dental care and hygiene. Just as doctors warn and stress us Americans about the importance of getting regular preventative test done (annually, semi- annually or quarterly) for the human body such as mammograms, pap smears, and blood tests; dental health has been identified as being just as important but most of the time it has been the on issue to be overlooked. Studies have recently been done that suggest the lack of dental health care can severely impact the overall health of any individual and can work to increase the chances of them getting diabetes, heart disease, and poor birth results. In putting together my proposal and thinking of an important social program that would be beneficial to the community and a program that it actually needs, my final proposal speaks on the need for a preventative social program for oral health care. I finalized my goal based evaluation and landed upon this solution considering the facts that more than one third of Americans do not have dental coverage and also its been noted that regular cleaning and checkups lowers the chance for causing health related issues. I will also analyze the proposal I have invented for this social problem.

Oral care issues is not just an problem for certain target groups, lack of regular oral care affects people of all ages, for many it starts when they were young and just drastically get worse over a period of time. “Persistent and systemic” barriers continue to block many Americans’ access to dental care” (US News and World Report, 2011). There are over 40 million people living in places where it is difficult for them to obtain dental care. In 2009 alone, over 10 million low- income children received absolutely no dental care and almost 60% of school age kids have cavities putting tooth decay five times more common than a diagnosis of asthma. A study also found that within the adult population, that before the age 65 almost one fourth of the adults living within the United States had lost all of their teeth. The problem here at hand is the need for a social program in which our objective and mission will be to reach out into the communities to low income families and offer them preventative oral care which would include free consultations, checkups, cleanings, fillings and (non- major) tooth pulling. Tooth decay is the most preventable problem that just needs a working solution. I know that if there were oral care programs available out with in the communities (especially within the low income) that offered free dental services; (the preventative care that everyone needs), then the statistic levels listed above would substantially drop. The fact of the matter is not that people are just being lazy and not getting the oral care that they need; they cannot afford the cost for the proper care and treatment. Maintaining proper dental treatment is very expensive which leaves low income individuals and families whom lack dental care to only seek care for their oral health related issues whenever the pain becomes a problem for them or unbearable. To add to that, the prices range so high for services that nine times out of ten low income individuals have to result in getting their infected teeth removed instead of the proper treatment that can save the teeth or tooth (such as a root canal or tooth capping) because a extract of a tooth is considerably more affordable.” There were over 830,000 visits to the emergency rooms across the country for preventable dental conditions in 2009- which was a 16% increase since 2006” (Dental Crisis in America, Feb 2012). Establishing this social solution program for persons of all ages( that qualified as low-income or lacked dental insurance) would not just give these persons in need, clean and healthy teeth but it would also lower the health related issues that are caused by unhealthy oral care. “Since the year 2000, when the United States Surgeon General called dental disease a “silent epidemic,” there has been increasing attention paid to oral health issues. The diagnosis of bad dental health impacts the overall health of “at risks” persons that not only results in pain, infection and tooth loss but it also works to increases the likely chance that the person(s) may get diabetes, respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and even poor birth outcomes. Reports released in December 2010 support this claim, listing oral health as one of the leading health issue that has been severely overlooked and this issue for the first time deserved some attention because it was found to be related to causing serious medical diseases for millions of people in America today. Minority groups range to have the higher rate of oral health conditions as they are often underrepresented within the dental profession. American Indian and Alaska Natives are at the top of the chain with noted as having more dental disease cases and are less likely to have dental care insurance plans. While many low income minorities have medicade available as a given welfare benefit, many dentist will not accept this plan or even many are so strict with the policy, if an individual with medicade misses an appointment the dentist refuses them any further treatment for the entire home and or reschedules them at an advanced later date in which the patient may have to suffer for unlimited weeks or months if they have an dental emergency. Poor dental health can have dire consequences. “Untreated dental problems result in missed work and school, poor nutrition, and a decline in over-all well-being” (Dental Crisis in America, 2011). “February 25th 2012 marks the five year anniversary of the tragic and untimely death of 12 year old Deamonte Driver of Maryland” (Dental Crisis in America, 2011). The young child died an early death due to poison from an infected tooth even thou he had medicade to cover his dentist needs; his mother just could not find a dentist that took this insurance which resulted in an unnecessary (preventative) death of an innocent child. While this incident could have been prevented, there needs to be more education provided that promotes good hygiene and oral health practices for all people. I will seek volunteers for my program organization that would be responsible for issuing flyers, brochures and create online webpages that would be used in informing people within the community about the about the awareness of bad oral health and list my different program sites for getting the free dental help. The staffing for my dental clinic would consist of compassionate workers who have other meaningful characteristics about them such as being patient, caring, and loyal to the mission that we are here to do. I have a vision and while I am very serious about the objectives and goals I plan to accomplish, only strong supporters and serious workers will be hired and allowed on my team (staff). My plan is to start out a small organization and recruit maybe eight college students whom have completed their hands on dentistry work and one skilled professional dentist to be there to guide them as they provide basic oral care such as cleanings. The minor extractions will be done by the doctor I hired for the program site and I will also work to recruit some extra professional dentist to do root canals to save the teeth than has a chance of survival; which would promote a boost of confidence within the patient. My ultimate starter goal to start the clinic will run approximately 350,000 to 400,000 dollars which I wish to receive through the federal government agencies. 50,000 will go towards the building and utilities costs, 150,000 will go towards supplies for the clinic, 175,000 will go towards paying my workers and 125,000 will go towards any advertisements needed, trainings for workers and volunteers, transportation for the more unfortunate local residents whom have no means of traveling and other extra costs that are bound to occur along the way. The total will cover an entire year period and will be all I need to get my program started. Meanwhile, my volunteer workers and I will work towards finding other available funding through private organization within the community and also host local fundraisers to help with needed expenses. I will operate the budget correctly with the help of an accountant that I will hire to work with me in keeping up with the financial statements in case of a required audit from the state; it will have me prepared. I will work with this accountant until I perfect keeping up with it myself. By the end of my first year, I will have noted the beginning patients whom lacked oral care and I will compare it with the improvements that my program has made within the community. Comparing the numbers will let me know my success or failure of my program. All in All, Lack of oral care is a persistent problem within America that is also causing other serious health issues present today such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory illnesses and poor birth outcomes. I have organized this proposal as a solution to the problem and with my mission of reaching out and providing adequate care to low income individuals and families I will not only save smiles in the communities, I will also have lowered the chance of many getting the health issues listed above. There are many social programs available in the communities that are really not a necessity to the present social needs of the communities but dental health stands to be within the top three. There was a time when I had to depend on medicade for health and dental needs and I am really appreciative because otherwise I would not have had the benefits and the proper care. I feel as now this is my one chance to give back to the communities and I know that my program would make a great addition to the state of North Carolina.

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Attached outline:
I. Community of Rockingham introduces the, North Carolina Support Dental Care Organization founded by Tenika Lashell McDonald a Human Services Major of 2013. Mission: Did you know that Gum disease is one of the top five number one leading causes of heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illnesses in the entire nation? Our mission here at Community Support Dental Care is to decrease the numbers of individuals being affected (because of their financial stability and or lack of health insurance) by at least 50 to 100%; we plan on reaching this goal by providing free cleanings, some extractions and dental care instructions to those unfortunate enough to have dental services to get their regularly consultations with a licensed dentist. I. Have employers Create free brochures and pamphlets about the importance of clean and health teeth and gums. A. Information on how it Lowers Heart disease chances B. Information on what it does for persons like (Makes anyone more confident especially within the workplace).d II. Create flyers that represent our dreams, goals and admirations within our organization. A. Create healthier clients B. Help many as the funding allows us to support

III. Give oral hygiene products out to those who need the care A. Toothbrushes B. Dental floss
C. Tooth paste
D. Education/ information
III. Topics that will be discussed and stressed to the clients at the appointments and other flyers and the pamphlets created 1. Show how tartar build up is causing Heart disease 2. Show how unhealthy Gum disease really can become

3. How many times is healthy Brushing
4. How often does one Floss
5. Regularly checkups here at the clinic
6. Regular brushing after meals and preferably after all three meals of the day 7. Other health risks researched and found that can be linked with the risk of having unhealthy gums and teeth and unhealthy tartar control.

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