Critique on Pain Clinics

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Media Critique on Pain Clinics

The two articles I chose for this paper were Pain Management Health Center from WEBMD, and Invasion of the Pill Mills in South Florida, by Thomas Collins from Time Magazine. One article is about the positive aspects of pain clinics while the other sheds light on the negative aspects of pain clinics.

The first article Invasion of the Pill Mills in South Florida, paints a gruesome picture of pain clinics in Southern Florida. Broward County has 115 pain clinics throughout the county, twice the number of McDonald’s restaurants. In 2008, the top 25 oxycodone dispensing doctors were all in Florida. (Collins,2010). Collins states, “ there is no tracking system to prevent patients from getting multiple pill prescriptions at once and immediately, because the clinics hand out the pills rather than making people go to the pharmacy. The business card of the Broward County Pain Clinic announces, Dispensing on Site”. (2010) This drums up business not only from Broward County, but from as far north as Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

“The death rate related to prescription drugs rose from 2,780 in 2006 to 3,750 in 2008.” (Collins,2010) To date, the death average is now about ten per day. This is a very scary statistic. The clinics are now spreading north. These clinics do not have to have a physician in the building. Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners mostly run the facilities. The clinic must have a physician to call if there are any questions. New laws however, are being put in place to stop new clinics from opening until the epidemic is stopped and to require a physician to be in the clinic during regular business hours. They are also putting in place a tracking system using the social security number of each patron that uses the clinic in a database that would alert providers to patients whom seek pills in multiple clinics. (Collins,2010)

The health concern in this article is that a prescription drug that has been...

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