Crmj 415 Deviant Behavior Course Projec

Topics: Sociology, Cannibalism, Placenta Pages: 4 (787 words) Published: November 10, 2014

Course Project Part 2
CRMJ 415 Deviant Behaviors
Yolanda Revels
Professor:  Cheryl Reyes
September 7, 2014

In many cultures people eat placenta it’s not normal in American culture but it is not to say that it’s an abomination to the human race, A person can have an adverse reaction to eating Placenta whereas a person can purchase placenta pills where it can help with the production of your milk but it can also make it come out to fast where you will have too much and a person will begins to leak, your emotions can run high where you are not the happy go lucky person that you thought you would be in order to help with your postpartum depression so that is when you have to pay attention and stop taking them being that it can also affect the baby when you find them crying more than usual because it is affecting them too, although it is to help and women has been eating it for thousands of years just like other mammals, the best way to eat it is raw because heating it up kills the nutrients so the best way is to have it dehydrated or capsulized. In the analysis of social deviance when it comes to placentology there are preconceived notions about whether or not anthropophagy is illegal in the United states and It is very interesting to know that there are no federal statutes that prohibit a willing person from eating uncontaminated human blood or tissue. The only state that has any statute prohibiting voluntary, private anthropophagy is Idaho. (Crossman, 2014). What is really interesting is the stigmas that are being placed relating to anthropophagy, some look at it as a cult but the information is revealed in a way that states a woman should have the ability to possess and consume their own placentas and embryos, although the facts that may belive this has something to do with ritual abuse against the children whether it could be imagined or actual, but it is publically linked to anthropophagy and is...

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