Topics: Motorcycle, Motorcycling, Motocross Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: November 3, 2013
.dfmgldbkldfbknldfb vklbjdflkbjdfl jflgjihjtriljhdfklj hlgfhlo jl rhjeio;ghsjgs;jgefipoh ifghiodfhgifadhpgkh dfskjl ghdfklhg klfdh g dfhilghdfihg dfkjhg ifdhkjdfs;gdfkbh 1.Braaap started with a vision of making motorcycling more fun and more accessible, so more people could experience what we love in motorcycling. Their plan from the beginning was to build a Motorcycle that could compete with the custom built American race bikes, but be affordable. Be World Class. With a dream of building a world class niche Motorcycle brand Braaap founder Brad Smith set out to find manufacturing partners that could build the dream bike, as a young man with nothing but a vision over 50 motorcycle manufacturing plants laughed him out of their office until finally manufacturing partners started to believe in the vision and thank god they did because we now have what we believe is the best motorcycle range of its type in the world. We are the only motorcycle on the planet with lifetime warranty and we are the only motorcycle brand to win back to back championships at the world title for our sport. In an over competitive and industry dominated by just a few well established and familiar brands it’s our job as an underdog, as an emerging brand to punch above our weight. We have to out do the others in componentry, we have to out do their warranty (braaap Lifetime Warranty), we have to offer more customization (Choose any colour) of course the bike is our masterpiece, we are motorcyclists, but it’s the community we created that sets us a part form the crowd. From our complimentary “Learn to Ride” program to our braaap Race Series, in store ride nights, the braaap Ride Club and of course “Lifetime Coaching” if your close to a braaap Concept store, braaap really is a lifestyle. With a mission to give young people a clean adrenalin rush, through Motorcycling, the braaap “Learn to Ride” program offers riding lessons to help new people get involved in our sport. We believe everyone should...
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