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Fundamentals of speech

Most American obstetric practice in hospitals is not based on science, but on myth. How obstetrics perform procedures may in fact be high- tech, but it is in truth not real science what you don’t know about modern medicine can have temporary or permanent effects on you, as well as on your unborn child. The choice you make in childbirth for your baby; home vs. hospital, midwife vs. doctor, and natural vs. medicated birth, will actually have an impact on your child for life. It can be good or ill. The choice is yours. Should you have your baby at home?

Today in the United States, in the twenty first century, advances in science and technology made many positive changes in our quality of life, and specifically on medicine. Yet more and more women from all walks of life are choosing to give birth in their own homes – the old fashioned way. Why? The fact is, is spite of all the good that has come from scientific discoveries and experiments, medical science ahs not been able to improve upon the human body and the way it was designed to work, when our bodies are not functioning the way they were created to function, then yes, we are more fortunate than our ancestors in the modern medical intervention can help sometimes.

So why are families deciding to go along with a home-birth?
Though each couple may have individual reasons, the majority of them plan a home-birth because they believe that most of the time a pregnancy and childbirth are normal functions of a healthy body, not a potential life and death crisis that requires the supervision of a surgeon.

“Doctors have a lot of education of pathology, drugs, surgery, and intervention of all sorts. Their education colors their prospective, and affects the way they see and treat pregnancy and birth. And while a sick woman or women with complications need that perspective and should use doctors, healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies need a whole different perspective, a different set of skills, and a lot of knowledge which is not taught in medical schools “(Dietsch, 2001)

Midwives are trained professionals. A midwife, a good midwife is like her name: With Woman. Only midwifes will stay with the woman in labor, even for hours and hours, skillfully finding natural ways to ease her pain and help her through it all the way until after the birth. A doctor will never do this, he is not expected to, this is not his job. In the hospital, obstetricians do not routinely sit at the bedside of their laboring patients but they rely on machinery and others for information. Then they appear at the last minute into the delivery rooms. Most physicians do not build a relationship of supportive rapport with each patient or offer much encouragement to give birth naturally. Labor and delivery rooms nurses, by and large, enjoy giving support to woman during childbirth.

Hospital life, however, involves a great deal of paperwork, personnel changes by the clock and wild fluctuations in how many women each nurse must be responsible for, nurses have no authority to stop an impatient doctor from trying to “speed up” a slow-but-steady, and normal labor. While statistics indicate that unplanned or unattended homebirths have worse outcomes than hospitals births, planned homebirths with a trained attendant have good outcomes.

Midwifery is basically a system of wellness care given by professional midwives to women and infants during the childbearing year, and in many countries midwives are the primary caregivers in maternity systems with better neonatal mortality rates than ours, midwives are trained to watch for deviations from health throughout the pregnancy and labor and refer their clients to a physician if necessary. The number of direct- entry midwives has increased in the last twenty years due to more demand for their service. Most non-nurse midwives have completes a course of

study and then furthered their education by apprenticing with a more...
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