Delivery Methods

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Critical Thinking Assignment
Delivery Methods
I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and will be giving birth to my second child, soon in about three weeks. I have a high-risk pregnancy due to my blood type, which is RH negative, and I also have what is called big c antibodies. I go in for monitoring at least every week and sometimes more then once. So far my baby and I are doing great, but there is still a chance that a blood transfusion may be needed and that the baby still may need to come earlier than 36 weeks, however only time will tell, as for now I am scheduled to deliver at 36 weeks, October 28th 2014.

As I mentioned I already have one child, a beautiful nine-year-old boy. Nine years is a long time to wait before having another child but we are excited and looking forward to this new addition. My past experience of giving birth was at a hospital, vaginal and with and epidural. I plan on doing things the same way this time around. I am concerned about the effects an epidural can have on the baby and I but I do not believe I can handle the pain, as in my last delivery even with the epidural I was still in minor pain and it was uncomfortable. All medication used in labor and delivery affects the fetus as well as the mother. Although these drugs enhance some body mechanisms, they usually work to depress most bodily functions, such as respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, and kidney function. (Bigner, 2010) Although the drugs have some possible side effect, I still feel it is right for me. Some long-term effects related to an epidural include headaches, the headaches and last for hours, days or even weeks or come in intervals. However it is most common for then to go away on there own. Some may experience loss of bladder control, for an undetermined amount of time. This is due to numbed pelvic floor muscles that strain during epidural administration. Bladder symptoms usually disappear as the epidural anesthetic clears the body. Never damage may occur but...

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