Detention Centres

Topics: Immigration detention, Australia, Detention Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: June 27, 2011
The issue of Detention centres and whether or not there uses are necessary to protect our nation is a subject of great debate. This issue seems to fall into a moral grey area, as not having them would be morally wrong in that we would be letting anyone from anywhere into our country thus leaving unchecked entries of possible terrorists and other sorts of plausible threats. But having them still, at the same time, falls into this moral grey spot. The reason that these detention centres exist is because people that occupy Australia’s land without a visa are illegal immigrants and therefore subject to lawful inquiries, while these inquiries are made the person/people that are in question are transported to a detention centre technically out of Australia. They are ‘detained’ (supposedly for a short amount of time) until it is decided whether or not they are refugees and if so whether they shall enter Australia or a 3rd country can be found that will accept them. The use of detention is controversial because opponents argue it is wrong to imprison or restrict the movements of people who have committed no crime, and in many cases, people who have come to the UK to escape persecution. Those detained and their advocates have frequently complained about the conditions inside detention centres and the treatment of detainees by staff. With this taken into account, one must also remember that Detention Centres are a major process component for how our nation manages immigration. According to the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship; there are seven key values that a detention centre must run by, set by the minister of immigration and citizenship from 2008. These values being: 1.Mandatory detention is an essential component of strong border control. 2.To support the integrity of Australia's immigration program, three groups will be subject to mandatory detention: a.all unauthorised arrivals, for management of health, identity and security risks...
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