Development History Case Study

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Developmental History Case Study

Developmental History Case Study

The child’s development is affected by the events occurring during from pregnancy, labor, delivery and the acquisition of life’s milestones. Illnesses that may have occurred during the course of the pregnancy could result in neurological deficits and other defects. Labor could be intensive and has high demands for both the child and the mother. Their inability to meet the demands of labor may result in a Caesarian delivery. Shorty after birth and during the early stages in life, the child may be subjected to complications or affected by illnesses which could have long-term effects on their health and further development. Therefore, both prenatal and postnatal environment are important factors in the child’s development. The child’s prenatal environment could be used as basis for the possible risks and complications that may occur after birth and during early stages in life. Although some disorders may result from genetic factors, there are conditions that results from the mother’s activities, habits and intake of substances that could harm the fetus. Illnesses during pregnancy should also be noted as this may also affect the child. Normally, the consequences of prenatal stages could be observed during early stages of development. That is, although children has specific time frame for acquiring certain skills, every child has his own pace in acquiring these skills. Acquisition of these skills may or may not be affected by the events encountered during prenatal and at birth. Most probably, though, a child who has encountered stresses and complications at prenatal stage are likely to experience delays in acquiring these basic skills. It must be noted also that, not all children who were exposed to risks would develop complication. Though, chances are, these children have higher probability to end up with problems. It depends largely...

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