Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath

Topics: Sikh, Sikhism, September 11 attacks Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: July 17, 2012
Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath was a documentary made by Valarie Kaur, that documented hate violence against the Sikh community after September 11. She drove across the country to interview scholars, lawyers and legislators about race, religion and security in post September 11 America. Despite the formal and calm nature of religion most major religions have a violent past.

September 11 was a day that marked the reappearance of prejudice against Sikhs, Muslims and racist against brown people in America. It hit the Muslim community even harder because all the September 11 terrorists were Muslim, but many South Asians were being mistaken for Muslims because of the similarity in their features. The Sikhs were singled out by their turbans, which makes many immediately think of Osama bin Laden and his Taliban followers. In the movie, the first person Valarie Kaur interviewed in New York was Amrik Singh Chawla, who was a management consultant in the world trade center. On September 11 he was on his way to the world trade center, he noticed their was even more traffic than usual and many people were looking up so he stuck his head out the cab window and saw the North building on fire. He went as close as he could to the building, and in a corner he noticed a huge tire embedded in the cement. He didn’t quite figure out what happen at the time and seconds later he hears a noise and sees a plane that was going really fast and he tracked it going into the building. Soon after as he was crossing the street two men pointed at him and said “Hey you fucking terrorist take that turban off” he ignored the comment and continued walking and again he heard “you better take that turban off you terrorist” then they started to chase him, he ran to a subway station and got on a train. Even in the subway car he noticed that people were pointing and staring at him, so he went to the nearest hair salon and took his turban off and put it in his brief case.

The turban...
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