Domestic Suveillance

Topics: George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Domestic Surveillance is a withering matter which not many people care about because they think that it does not affect them. However, it is common in the daily lives of American citizens. But the question remains, how much does the U.S. government know about your personal privacy? Face it, it is a fact the United States peers on our personal life more than what you may think, and it does, in fact, appertain every single citizen of our nation. It is hidden, bathed in laws but linked to another. Cell phones have changed the ways of communication so much that the world can now have internet, face to face chatting, and some 3D technology has already successfully made holograms. However, it also can pertain to invasion of privacy in some sorts. The NSA has passed several addendums to laws that explain how wiretapping and listening in on your calls is permissible without a warrant. President Bush stated “The law is only acceptable in the times in which our nation is threatened by acts of war or terrorism, including the war on terror, and homeland security interference." (George W. Bush) The Bush administration set out these laws even before 9/11 to capture these so called “domestic terrorists” and now, with Osama Bin Laden slain; the law was put in place yet again. What this means is that the government can track where citizens are at all times, record your email, phone calls, text messages, internet activity anything that you do on your phone. It is scary to think that, but, they inform the public that it is probable cause only, which is a whopping lie in times of war. It clearly states that in times of war everyone is under scrutiny and anyone can be considered a terrorist and jailed for it. However, they show their citizens they keep them safe by introducing new bills and laws. This is similar to the thought police in 1984 how they listened and read all of your thoughts and feelings. (

The next snide remark on my list is the United States Patriot Act....
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