Drone Wars

Topics: United States, War on Terrorism, Al-Qaeda Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Talissa Carrasco
Attack of the Drones Since 2004 the United States CIA has been using Pakistani military base for drone attacks. From the articles and some of my own research it appears to be an underlying critical question in the analysis of drone attacks. Has the United States really violated Pakistan’s sovereignty? I believe that technically at least by book definition the United States has in fact violated Pakistan and Yemen’s sovereignty. The United States is now involved with the multiple attacks in Pakistan and Yemen and is looking for other military bases to hold more drones. It appears as though there is some scrutiny concerning the fact that there are multiple accusations from both sides. The CIA is imposing on sovereign Pakistani lands and yet we hear that Pakistan has allowed much less invited for the United States to interfere on the War on Terror. In my opinion the situation sounds like a battle for land and weapons. The CIA does not want to give up their drones to the Pakistani because they suspect militants will take it over. Yet Pakistan not only wants hold of drones but want also the return of their military base. The drone war should be called the “who wants power war”. I believe that the CIA has violated the sovereignty of both Yemen and Pakistan and it has more than extended its welcome in their military bases. The United States should for once stand behind enemy lines; act as an accomplice to Pakistan and Yemen. A lot of the information seems to be a little skewed as well, it seems that the information being given back to Washington are either assumptions or indications that the targets could be linked to Al Qaeda. Drone attacks presume to have “successfully” taken out members of Al Qaeda but again the information given appears as a cover up for the deaths of multiple civilians. These deaths caused at the actions of the CIA government only gives the...
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