Drug Abuse

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Drug Abuse

Drugs addiction is a brain disease that may cause a person to seek and use drugs (NDI, 2011). Even though drugs may be harmful to a person they still will use it because they can’t stop or they won’t stop. Drugs will affect a person’s life tremendously and a person’s ability to be able to work around others (NIH, 2012). Children under the age of 18 who uses drugs can mess up their life, because they won’t be able to focus in and school they will get distracted from doing their work also research shows that drugs can impact on a person’s learning and memory. Surveys shows that drugs affect the life of a teen during high school years “Four in five teens in high school told researchers they have witnessed the use, sale or possession of illegal drugs on high school grounds, or seen someone who was drunk or high on campus”. Drugs really affect teens during school they won’t pay attention in class and get distracted, easily drops grade and most likely they drop out of school. (Associated press) Updated 8/16/2007)

One of the most common drugs that is abused is prescription drugs because it is easy to get in to your possession some examples are Oxycodone, Propoxyphene, adderall and Codeine. The age group of children that uses and abuses these drugs are between the ages of 12-17. Teens use these drugs to get high, take away the pain to make them feel better or, to do better in school. In reality, the drugs are really killing them at a young age, because now most teens just get to hooked on it and can’t quit. Abusing prescription drugs is bad for the body and some can even be dangerous. For example, OxyContin stops pain, but it also can cause constipation and drowsiness, and adderall increase attention but also raises blood pressure and heart rate. Another drug that is being abused is marijuana. Marijuana is a mixture of the dried and shredded leaves, stems and flowers of the cannabis plant. The mixture can consist of three colors green, brown,...

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Data Analysis
After gathering all my Information I came to a conclusion that drug abuse is caused by people that uses drugs for the high and the thrill because a person will abuse drugs to find a stronger high because there is no high like your 1st high I got this information from interviewing people and asking them question about drug abuse to see hear their point of view. My information is accurate because I have facts to support the data I collected. My data shows that more national average males abuses Marijuana than Hispanic people also it shows that more national average female’s uses prescription drugs then Hispanic people. Also a person that condones drugs gives a gateway to drug abuse, For example a older person that uses drugs, condones it and shows the younger generation that it’s ok to use drugs. Sometimes they might not have a positive influence in their life, so they would go off of what they hear and uses these drugs and most likely will abuse it to get more or a different high. Drug abuse causes a person to steal from their family to get money to buy these drugs. Also it causes them to act out of their character, doing things they wouldn’t normally do if they were sober and above the influence.
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