Drug Testing of Medical Personnel Is Not and Invasion of Privacy

Topics: Medicine, Drug addiction, Employment Pages: 1 (1058 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Drug Testing of Medical Personnel is not an invasion of Privacy Catherine Loder
Comp 120 instructor K Oneil Axia college

November 28,2006


Drug testing of medical personnel is not an invasion of privacy it is a much needed tool to protect the safety of patients and the general public. Why are drug tests used, people ask? The main reason is to protect the patients and to protect the patients and to insure the safety of coworkers and the facility. I believe this is true because of the increase use of drugs not only recreationally but also because of the abuse of prescribed drugs. The problem I feel is under rated and also unreported, but is drug tests were used more often and if everyone realized they were not an invasion of privacy, but were needed for safety reasons the drug tests would be a hammer that cracked the nail right on the head. . What types of drug tests are being used in the medical workplace, what they show and is there a cost to employers or employees, finally how valid are these tests. These are all important questions that need to be answered before facilities decide to demand drug tests. The drug tests being used test for the following types of drugs,marayuana,cocaine,amphetamines,speed,heroin,opium,codeine,morphine,pcp,barbiturates,benzodian and alcohol. The cost of these tests is minimal compared to the cost of hiring, supporting and then firing an employee with an abuse problem. How valid are the tests you ask? Drug tests are very valid with few false positives found. They have also improved the tests so that cheating on them is very difficult to do. Because of the validity and what the tests are showing a majority of medical facilities are choosing to teat employees either before hiring or doing random tests when they suspect a drug abuse problem. Privacy is not a factor when the safety of patients and coworkers are involved.Emplyoees with drug or alcohol dependencies...
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