Topics: Marketing, Motorcycle, Strategic management Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: April 18, 2008
The market for motorcycles in 2001 is changing. To get increased market share calls for manufacturers to get more creative. It is time to quit focusing only on existing customers and expand into the market to grab new customers. This industry is a global one with technology at its fingertips, not only in the development of motorcycles, but with the use of the internet which increases competition in reaching customers. If Ducati wants to increase their market share and expand into a brand new market segment competing with Harley Davidson, they would be wise to continue to use technology as an opportunity to gain this market share as well as a whole new set of customers to add to their existing base. Furthermore, Ducati should be open to ideas such as cross branding, not just competing with Harley Davidson.

Ducati should continue to use the internet to understand their customer base and to learn how this customer base might view a Ducati bike that would compete with a Harley Davidson. After doing some one on one research with two friends who are bike enthusiasts, one preferring Harley and the other Ducati, it is apparent that there is a stigma in the market which could cause a barrier for Ducati. Harley Davidson riders have the stigma of being very American, “bad boy” riders who aren’t really looking for speed. On the other hand, Ducati owners are looking for speed and a high end performance bike that comes with an image of money, prestige, and class. Continuing internet research would add value by helping Ducati to determine how real the stigma’s are within Europe and the U.S. It would shed some light on whether it would be such a good idea to expand into a brand new market where they have no exposure. There would be no point in spending time and money on developing a Ducati cruiser if research shows no one is interested in buying it.

Ducati has an option to try some new marketing techniques. Just as Harley and Triumph have been in movies for example,...
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