Editorial on "Lane-splitting"

Topics: Lane splitting, Motorcycle safety, Motorcycle Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: December 14, 2013
10 October 2013
Dear Mr. Editor,
I am writing this letter in hope of legalizing motorcycle lane splitting in more US states. Motorcycle lane splitting is currently only legal in California and in a few other countries. Many people believe that lane splitting is a dangerous act that motorcyclist do to navigate through traffic. However lane splitting is done to prevent crashes and to help be more visual to other drivers. Lane splitting is legal in California mainly due to California Highway Patrol recommending the act. There are some rules within lane splitting that have recently been put into place to clear up confusion on the law. US DOT FARS database shows that fatalities from rear end collisions into motorcycles are 30% lower in California than in Florida or Texas. Lane splitting is recommended and safe when done responsibly. I used to think that lane splitting was a foolish act that motorcyclist did until I started riding myself. After taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course and getting my Motorcycle licensee, I learned the reasoning for splitting lanes. I have witnessed other motorcycle riders get rear ended at stop lights because drivers were not paying attention. Usually getting rear ended isn’t that big of a deal if you’re in a car, but getting rear ended on a motorcycle can be fatal. I wouldn’t recommend splitting lanes to inexperienced riders but when you feel comfortable I would definitely tell them to do it for the safety. The risk of being hit by other vehicles on the road is already high enough, legalizing lane splitting in more states would greatly reduce the risk for riders. Now that I am comfortable splitting lanes myself I do it all the time if possible. One thing I always remember is “If you can’t fit, don’t split”. Mr. Editor, please consider my view on motorcycle lane splitting. If more road users are aware of the reasoning behind splitting lanes then the road would be a safer place for both riders and drivers. I hope the voters and...
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