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Drug and Alcohol Policy


Saint Mary's High School recognizes the hardship created by drugs and alcohol at the individual and community levels. In so doing we unite to provide a drug free environment, safe for student growth and learning.

While we recognize the need for compassionate treatment of those addicted and seeking help, we also uphold the policy of not using drugs/alcohol any time while on campus or at any off-campus Saint Mary's event. In accordance with this, we will maintain a NO TOLERANCE policy toward drug and alcohol use. SMHS Administration has approved the use of drug dogs as a deterrent to the use of drugs and alcohol.


The policy relating to such abuses is designed to be preventative in nature and is intended to help any student having problems with alcohol or drugs.

Possession/Use First Offense

When a student is found for the first time, in possession of, under the influence of, using drugs or alcohol, or paraphernalia on the way to or from school, at school, before, during, or after a school-sponsored event, the unauthorized substance or paraphernalia will be taken away from the student. The use of a Breathalyzer may be employed to students suspected of being under the influence of alcohol at school or school related activities. The police may be contacted whenever any individual is found in possession of illegal substances or is in violation of the law. Parents will be contacted to take the student home. If emergency services are needed, such services shall be contacted and the expense borne by the student and their family.

Disciplinary Action First Offense

Any student who is found in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be suspended from school for five school days and may be socially suspensed for up to 30 calendar days. As a condition of continued enrollment, the student, at the expense of the student's family/guardian, is required to meet with a...
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