Effective Communication

Topics: Communication, Childhood, Graphic communication Pages: 8 (2737 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Unit Number: TDA 3.1
1.1 Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults.

Establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with children, young people and adults is vital in a school environment and effective communication is essential to creating such a relationship. Effective communication is especially important to help children feel secure and learn social boundaries which they may or may not learn from home. Listening and engaging in a conversation will help children develop their own communication skills and also improve their self-esteem. Children often follow by example so as a teaching assistant it is essential to be respectful and courteous when communicating to model positive behaviour. It cannot be expected of the children to listen and take turns to speak if the teaching assistant cannot. Also, giving clear instructions and using appropriate vocabulary is important to help the child understand what is being asked of them. Also to be aware of the need to reward or simplify where necessary. Children are more likely to learn and participate in class when they feel secure in their environment. Once a relationship has been built between pupil and teaching assistant through effective communication, children, especially those whom have safeguarding issue, are more likely to divulge potentially sensitive information. Primarily, Key stage 1 children learn through exploration and play and such learning opportunities are available through continuous provision. Continuous provision also helps develop social skills and the ability to communicate with other children. Poor communication between teachers and teaching assistants could lead to misunderstanding or bad feeling, which could result in tension in the classroom resulting in the creation of a negative learning environment for the children. It could also mean work isn’t completed on time or correctly which again could have an adverse effect on the children. This could lead to the children feeling insecure in their surroundings. Everybody has different beliefs and ideas so it is important to respect and listen to other peoples’ views even if you do not agree. Treating people as you expect to be treated will help build solid relationships.

Parents with a positive relationship with staff at school are more likely to respond to messages sent home and support with their child’s learning.

1.2 Explain the principles of relationship building with children, young people and adults.

* Showing respect –In principle by showing respect you gain respect. Children are not born knowing how to be respectful they need to be taught the skill. As a teaching assistant it is important to model how to look after the equipment and to put it away correctly. Be considerate of other people’s beliefs and opinions. Adults or pupils may come from different cultures so becoming familiar with their beliefs will help me understand and improve the way others communicate. It is respectful to remember names and how they like to be addressed. * Being considerate –Adults often have many stresses in life which contribute to the way we act and feel. Taking time to understand peoples’ positions will help to justify their actions. At school, children often hurt themselves or feel unwell. It is important as a teaching assistant that I show empathy to maintain a positive nurturing relationship. * Being clear on key points- Adults and most importantly children need to be given clear instructions to aid understanding. For instance, at the end of one day I was working on one of the computers in the shared area between the class rooms of Year 1 and Reception. The class teacher had asked the children to tidy up ready for story time on the carpet. I stopped my task on the computers to help encourage the children to tidy up, with the intention of returning to my task on the...
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