English Encountering Conflict Essay

Topics: September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda Pages: 2 (1242 words) Published: May 17, 2015
Statement of intention
I’m writing in the form of n expository essay, therefore I will be writing in third person without the use of ‘I’ voice in order to remain consistent with the form. This essay will be directed to adults who are familiar with the play ‘Freedom of the city’ written by Brian Friel and those who have seen the film “In the Name of the Father’ directed by Jim Sheridan. This essay will also be aimed at those interested in the topic of conflict. This essay will be in response to the prompt ‘in time of conflict, people have their own agenda’. I will be referring to the historical events of the Sydney siege and 9/11 as well as using examples from the text ‘freedom of the city’ and the film ‘in the name of the father’. These examples will place emphasis on the idea that conflict means everyone has their own point of view, therefore resulting in everyone reacting to the issue in a different way.

Conflict is a true test, which raises issues that otherwise, wouldn't be raised, issues which bring out the true capacity of someone inner strength and understanding. Conflict is something that occurs everyday in everyone’s lives, with everyone interpreting and defining the truth of the issue differently. Therefore resulting in everyone reacting to the conflict in a different way. Those in power are able to twist the truth as they have their own agenda as to what the correct way of dealing with the issue is. Whilst the media also have their own agenda and aims to exaggerate the conflict for their own purposes. These ideas surrounding the different agendas of those in power as well as the media have also been seen in other historical events such as the Sydney siege and 9/11. These ideas have also been explored in the play ‘Freedom of the City’ written by Brian Friel and the film “In the Name of the Father’ directed by Jim Sheridan. In these events, it is shown that each person has their own agenda and therefore deal with the conflict individually which...
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