Ethno-Nationalist Terrorism

Topics: Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, September 11 attacks Pages: 6 (2143 words) Published: October 21, 2013
How is ‘ethno-nationalist’ terrorism distinguished from other forms of terrorism? Does an ethno-nationalist terrorist threat require a different response to other forms? Answer these questions with appeal to a) theories and concepts of terrorism, and b) a case study of one terrorist group that has ‘ethno-nationalist’ characteristics. A main misconception of terrorism especially in today’s society is that, society views terrorism as faith- based acts of violence, when it may not be the case. Terrorism is an illegitimate mean to achieve a cause; it is a willful defense of an ideology or a political group. These acts by sub state actors who violently target non-combatants to communicate a political a message. Terrorist are neither crazy nor amoral; they come from all walks of like. A terrorist fights a range of causes, some religious some not; with community support or without community support. All terrorist are politically and/or militarily weaker than those they oppose, “Thus, to label a group or action as terrorist is to seek to imply that the actors or the violence is immoral, wrong, or contrary to basic ethical principles that any reasonably human being might hold”1 Al-Qaeda is the most well known terrorist network in the twenty-first century; they have changed how the world views terrors, terrorism went from a domestic issue to an international issue. The organization began in the 1980s and in still very active today. Its religious and political ideologies are very closely interlinked; they are opposed to western traditions and strongly ‘hate’ the United States. Even though Al-Qaeda and the international community are attempting to eliminate each other, there I still no resolution or a meeting half point, and the reason being that both sides do not communicate they just retaliate against each other’s act towards one another. Al- Qaeda Organization is the first multinational terrorist network of the twenty-first century. It strongly opposed to the Western ideologies, especially the United States and intends to remove the United States influence and military forces out of the Middle East. Al- Qaeda dispenses money and logistical support and training to an extensive variety of fundamental Islamic terrorist groups (e.g. Mujahidin, Islamic Jihad) which threatens the world with a new breed of terrorism.2 Terrorism has moved from ‘Old’ Terrorism acts of violence’s which related to a more on a local or domestic level of violence. The aspect of ‘Old’ Terrorism correlates to more control and centralized, hierarchical structure of an organization such as the Russian Revolutionaries, and the European anarchists. Their main aim was to get the message across and bring awareness and wanting to bring change into the region. These old terrorist groups had more restraints and restrictions compare to ‘New’ Terrorism today. It is far more on a global and international scale. Due to globalization and the new technologies such as the internet and nuclear weapon advancements, it has made it much easier for ‘New’ Terrorists to convey their message not only just to a domestic community but rather the international community. The structures of these terrorist organizations such as Al- Qaeda adopt a more covert decentralized power control within the organization. Al-Qaeda is not nationalist network, although the political project is linked to the regions; it is a call- based network with more than fifty cells in different countries. This makes negotiations more difficult and resolution to less effective because they are located around the globe and therefore they are difficult to contact or isolate. Terrorism today has or religious aspects involved in its organization and its goal is transformational and apocalyptic belief which usually links to Islam3. Al- Qaeda between 188- 1996 was lead by Abdullah Azzam, this network was formed due to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, and Afghan Islamist extremist from around the world...
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