Evaluation of Computer Components

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Computer Information Paper
Evaluation of Computer Components

Anthony Shuler

Computer Information Paper

The Computer Information Paper will be an attempt to evaluate different components of a computer system and some of its hardware. The evaluation will research four sections. These sections will be Data Input, Data Output, Storage Devices and Computer Speed. The Input and Output sections will evaluate best methods of use for certain situations. The section of Storage Devices will provide optimal uses for certain types of storage devices. Finally the role of certain computer components will be evaluated for their role on determining the speed of a computer.

Best Method of Data Input

This section will discuss five different mediums for their best method of inputting data to a computer system. Printed questionnaires can best be inputted by using optical data reader devices. The type of questionnaire would determine what type of device to use as these devices can read characters or symbols. This information is then recorded to the computer. Telephone surveys that employ the use of a voice recognition device utilize the best method of input. This method alleviates the need of numerous people making calls and asking questions. A ink character recognition device is best for inputting data from bank checks. This method is best because each check is encoded with its own individual characters in special ink which the device reads from the bottom of the check. Retail tags are barcoded and their data is best inputted by employing a scanner which reads the information embedded in barcode and recorded to computer. A word processing application is the best input method for long documents. These documents can then be saved and updated if the need arise.

Best Method of Data Output

This section evaluates the best mode of data output for six situations. The best method of output...
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