Every Man in this Village is a Liar- Chapter Summaries

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Every Man in this Village is a Liar

In this chapter Stack describes the effects of conflict on the lives of both people who have experienced war and people who have not experienced war. Stack provides an example in the form of her relative, John a former American marine. John was sent to Beirut to combat the Hezbollah and whilst fighting there he experienced the true nature of war. He returned later however “he wasn’t all right”. He committed suicide due to the effects of war and the conflicts that he experienced. Thus Stack came to the conclusion that after being in a war zone, “you could survive and not survive, both at the same time”; she realises that you can mentally die from war but physically survive. War places a strain on the minds of people and breaks it down. Additionally, Stack states that after her travels in various warzones; she had aged not just physically, but mentally due to the conflicts that she experienced. She further comes to the realisation that the United States created the war on terror and that terror itself if essentially created by the media. This terror creates fear in normal civilians and it is what causes America and the other western countries to be on one side and all other countries to be on another side.

Every Man in this Village is a Liar
Conflict is seen repeatedly throughout this chapter. Firstly, Stack is shown to have an emotional conflict with a warlord named Mohammed Zaman. Although portrayed as a minor conflict, Zaman is seen to have feelings for Stack which Stack does not reciprocate; thus this creates a certain awkwardness between the two of them. The major conflict seen in this chapter is the American’s hunt for Osama Bin Laden. “Planes thundered past every day” bombing the mountainous area of Tora Bora, to eliminate the remains of Al Qaeda. However this proved unsuccessful as Bin Laden was neither found nor killed. An additional conflict arose when the bomber planes accidently killed people loyal to Zaman as well as his mujahedeen; this conflict instigates an increase in animosity between Zaman and the Americans that he is assisting to find Bin Laden.

Chasing Ghosts
American troops began a ground assault in the Tora Bora cave complex in their attempt to capture Osama Bin Laden. These American troops were in conflict with Al Qaeda fighters who facilitated the escape of Bin Laden; and they enlisted the help of three warlords: Mohammed Zaman, Hazrat Ali and Abdul Qadir. The American troops were shown to have a conflict with Zaman as he wanted to question the defeated Al Qaeda forces for his own purposes, however the Americans wanted to immediately kill the Al Qaeda troops. Furthermore, Zaman is seen to have a conflict with Hazrat Ali. Both warlords had fought each other for supremacy over many years and because of the Americans they have become “grudging allies forced together by mutual dependence on American money”. Zaman and Ali both wanted to do things their own way and this increased their hostility towards one another.

As Long as you can pay for it
In this chapter Stack encounters conflict not physically, but mentally. Coming home from a war zone is a “strange and isolating experience”; Stack had been changed by the things that she experienced and so she is in conflict with others when she tries to explain that “there’s a difference between Afghan civilians and Al Qaeda”. Stack has inner conflict; she believes that she stayed in the Middle East for too long and that although she is physically in America, she is still unable to get home mentally. Throughout this chapter Stack comes to the realisation that encountering conflict can change a person so much and that this change is permanent.

Terrorism and Other Stories
The Israel vs Palestine conflict is one of the wars that Stack experienced during her travels. The first suicide bombing that she covered in her career was a result of the Israel-Palestine conflict; Hamza Samudi, a...
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