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I. Clinical Question

Among pregnant mothers experiencing fatigue during labor; thus, providing independent nursing management (e.g deep/patterned breathing, providing support & comfort and relaxing during contractions) more effective than administering analgesics PRN in alleviating fatigue during labor?

II. Citations

Independent Nursing Action: JAN Original Research (ebscohost.online .com) (INA)First Stage Labour Management an examination on nursing management
and child birth related fatigue trajectories.Ya-Ling Tzeng, Yu-Mei Y. Chao, Shu-Yu Kuo & Yu Kuei Teng
October 24, 2007

On drug analgesia: The experience of childbirth in pregnant mothers who received narcotics analgesics
during the first stage of labour.
Curationis Research Article (ebscohost.online.com)
L. Jantjes, J. Strumpher and WJ. Kotze
June 2007

III. Study Characteristics

1. Patients included

ON –Independent nursing action

Population: 56 primiparous mothers with no epidural anesthesia or analgesics given were selected within the age of 17-35 with a media age of 25 yrs.

Sample: These 56 primiparous mothers with no epidural anesthesia or analgesics given during the first stage of labor were retained as the population of the study because the investigator has a complete data and information regarding the population of the study. Participants were advised about purpose and procedure involve in the study wherein they have read and signed a consent form approved by the Institutional Review Board.

ON- Drugs Analgesia

Population: Consisted of first-time mothers who gave birth at one of the local hospitals.

Sample: Participants had to be first-time mothers who received analgesics during the first stage of labour and subsequently had a normal vaginal delivery.

2. Interventions compared

Independent Nursing Management vs. Administration of Analgesics PRN on alleviating Fatigue during the first stage of labor
3. Outcomes monitored

ON- Independent Nursing Action

Outcome of the study was monitored using a Visual Analogue Scale;

Independent Nursing Management can alleviate fatigue during the first stage of labor although the use of analgesics can completely minimize pain and discomfort during labor, but studies shows that frequent use of analgesics during labor among pregnant mother has an effect on the mother itself along with the baby.

ON- Drugs

The audio taped interviews were transcribed verbatim within 24 hours following each interview. Data were analysed using Tesch's method of descriptive analysis Tesch.

The analgesics given minimize pain along with anxiety but cause several effects on the mother.

4. Does the study focus on a significant problem in clinical practice?

ON- Independent Nursing Action

Yes, the study focuses on a significant problem on a clinical practice among midwives and especially among student nurses exposed on the clinical area in lying- in clinics wherein normal spontaneous delivery are the only possible cases being entertained.

A Pregnant Mother usually suffer from fatigue due to excruciating pain and discomfort caused by the frequent contraction of the uterus occurring every 2-3 minutes and lasting for 60 seconds which can leave the mother restless, frequently irritated, feeling of anxiety and usually lethargic due to the pain she is experiencing. As a student nurse it is his/her responsibility to initiate immediate independent nursing action such as deep and patterned breathing, providing comfort and relaxation in dealing with every contraction she is experiencing and guiding and educating her towards the labor process can be beneficial in alleviating the pain and fatigue she is currently undergoing and by sharing such knowledge with her throughout the labor process, her “fear of the unknown” or what will happen to her after the...

Citations: and child birth related fatigue trajectories. Ya-Ling Tzeng, Yu-Mei Y. Chao, Shu-Yu Kuo & Yu Kuei Teng
October 24, 2007
Large Community Hospital in South Central Pennsylvania on October 24, 2007
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