Exemplification Bad Driving Habits

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Dangerous Driving Habits

How dangerous are some of your driving habits? Although most people believe that they are good drivers, they might not realize some of the dangerous driving habits that they practice. The most dangerous driving habits that I have observed are drinking and driving, street racing, stunt riding on a motorcycle, and texting while driving. Some of these habits might be ones that you’re guilty of. If you can avoid these habits, you’ll be a lot safer on the roads for yourself and others.

First, drinking and driving is a habit that can easily end in tragedy. Your vision may be blurred along with a slower reaction time. A drunk driver on the Clark Bridge hit a motorcyclist, and killed him and left his wife seriously injured. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the accident on foot, but was chased down by witnesses and detained until police arrived. Another example of why drinking and driving is dangerous is when a friend of mine fell asleep at the wheel while he was intoxicated and hit a parked car that deflected his car into an apartment complex. The spot where he hit the apartments was right where the gas lines were. Emergency responders said that he was lucky that it didn’t explode and kill him or others living in the complex.

A little less dangerous than drinking and driving, street racing is highly dangerous due to high rates of speed. When racing at a high rate of speed, drivers have less control of their vehicles. Innocent bystanders or even the driver can be seriously injured or even killed. Because of all the accidents, police are cracking down on Hall Street, which is a popular place for street racing on Sunday nights. I have even raced cars on my motorcycle at speeds of 150+mph. While racing a friend of mine on Interstate 255, a car switched lanes the same time as I did, leaving me with the options of locking up the brakes and...
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