Expectancy Theory

Topics: Motivation, Victor Vroom, Reward system Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Expectancy theory

The expectancy theory was proposed by Victor H. Vroom; this motivation theory is mainly based on the efforts of every individual, and their belief in achieving rewards. Furthermore individuals consider 3 main issues, before making an effort to perform at a given level. As mentioned by (Richards n.d.) (anonymous 2011)The first of them is Expectancy which is the belief of the employees that better efforts will result in better performance, which is something that the phone services company lacked, as they had a poor attitude towards work. The second thing is performance/instrumentality; it is the faith of the employees that now that they have done a good job, their rewards should definitely improve. Again this was another main or primary issue rather with the phone services company where they had a poor reward system, which meant that a person who’s only giving a 70% effort at his work would receive the same rewards as a person giving their 100%. Hereafter the last one is Valence/ satisfaction that is gained from the effort put in and the rewards achieved from doing so. So therefore in conclusion the phone services company must motivate their staff to put in more effort into their work, and reward them for doing so.

Equity Theory

The equity theory was developed by John Stacey Adams 1963, to explain how we identify and react to events that we see as inequitable and why managerial behaviors influence employee motivation and performance. According to this theory we prefer situations of balance, where the amount of input is equal to the amount of output we achieve. For example the efforts or inputs typically include effort, loyalty, hard work, commitment, tolerance etc. and outputs or rewards include such things as recognition, sense of achievement, praise, job security, promotion etc. (anonymous, Mind tools n.d.) (world press, green park n.d.)Furthermore the phone services company lacked this, as there was no input, whether it was from...

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