Explain How to Plan a Small Scale Campaign

Topics: Pregnancy, Smoking, Lung cancer Pages: 5 (1734 words) Published: June 14, 2013
P3 - Explain how to plan a small scale health education campaign relevant to local or national strategies.

We first started doing our health campaign on smoking and aimed it on people that were 16 years old and pregnant women. Smoking causes health problems such as several types of cancer which have been broadcasted through advertising and several other campaigns warning people about the repercussions of smoking. There have been many national health strategies to help promote the negative impact of smoking on our health. One campaign is by the NHS called ‘Smoke Free’ which is there to help people stop smoking and give them encouragement to do so. With public health, the Government has decreased the amount of people smoking due to strategies such as not letting people smoke inside public places such as airports and pubs.

We developed an understanding of the long and short term risks with smoking through researching on the internet on websites to do with cancer research and ASH. We discovered a lot of benefits to stopping smoking. One benefit was that their life expectancy increased and stopping also helped their lungs to recover and decreased the risk of contracting diseases such as Emphysema. We found information about pregnant women and their unborn children and how smoking can effect them. We found that the child could be miscarried, or they could have a considerably lower birth rate compared to other children whose mothers didn’t smoke during their pregnancy. Furthermore, we also found information about how harmful passive smoking is to children and adults. We found out that young children could experience cot death and become deaf through middle ear disease. Furthermore, we found information supporting that adults could contract lung cancer through passive smoke which we found was 80% invisible.

We found that there are different ways of being able to stop smoking. Lloyd’s pharmacy offer free consultations privately with a specialist within the pharmacy and give them advice on how to stop smoking and give them packs. As well as this, the NHS give tips through their Smoke Free campaign and send packs in order to support them. As well as this, we also found various support groups so if someone was trying to stop smoking they would have others around them doing the same.

Our main target audience was children aged 16. The main reason we chose 16 year olds is because it’s the national average age that people start smoking. We found many reasons why 16 year olds start smoking. One reason was through peer pressure, being pressurised through friends that already smoke to start smoking. Another reason why they could start smoking could be because they saw their parents do it and therefore think that it’s okay to do so. Another reason could be that they have their GCSE exams and they start smoking to cope with the stress of these exams. Our other target audience was for mothers that were either pregnant or new. We chose pregnant women because we weren’t sure that pregnant women knew what effect smoking would have on their unborn child. As well as this, we gave them information on how harmful passive smoking is on their new children. There could also be reasons that they might be smoking through their pregnancy. One reason could be that they started smoking before they were pregnant and didn’t know how to stop or it could be. However, they could also start smoking because they’re going through a difficult pregnancy and didn’t know how to deal with the stress of it.

We tailored our audience through different ways. For our target audience of 16 year olds, we provided videos from YouTube about the repercussions of smoking and the effect it could have on you. One of the videos is about a woman who only smoked for 2 years, got throat cancer and had to have a tracheostomy in order to remove the cancer. We chose to do videos because children are more visual learners and will learn from watching a video as opposed to...
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