Fast Dissolving Tablets of Famotidine

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In recent years, there has been rapid growth in the number of Fast Dissolving / Disintegrating Tablet (FDT) product on the market. Fast Dissolving Tablets are solid tablets and designed to dissolve/disintegrate in the patient’s mouth within a few second or minutes, without the need to drink or chew. However, the fear of taking solid tablets and the risk of choking for certain patient populations still exist despite their short disintegration/dissolution times. However, some patients, particularly pediatric and geriatric patients have difficulty swallowing or chewing solid dosage forms many pediatric and geriatric patients are unwilling to take these solid preparations due to fear of choking. 1

Fast Dissolving Tablets (FDT) disintegrates and/or dissolves rapidly in the mouth without the need for water. Some tablets are designed to dissolve in saliva remarkably fast within a few seconds. Others contain agents to enhance the rate of tablet disintegration in the oral cavity and are more appropriately termed Fast Dissolving Tablets (FDT) as they may take up to a minute to complete disintegration. A major claim of the some Fast Dissolving Tablets (FDT) increased bioavailability compared to traditional tablets. Because of dispersion in saliva while still in the oral cavity, there can be pre-gastric absorption from some formulation in those cases where the drug dissolves quickly. Buccal, pharyngeal and gastric regions are all areas of absorption of the many formulations. However, other formulations show nearly identical plasma concentration profiles. Any pre-gastric absorption avoids first pass metabolism and can be a great advantage in drugs that undergo a great deal of hepatic metabolism. However, if the amount of swallowed drug varies, there is the potential for inconsistent bioavailability. While the claimed increase in 2

bioavailability is disputable, it is clear that the major advantage of these formulations is convenience. 2
In addition, they allow for effective life-cycle management. Fast dissolving drug delivery system offers a giant leap forward in drug administration by providing a new and easy way of taking medication.

Fast dissolving drug delivery systems have rapidly gained acceptance as an important new way of administering drugs.
A fast dissolving drug delivery system, in most cases is a tablet that dissolves or disintegrates in the cavity without the need for water or chewing. Most fast dissolving delivery system tablet must include substances to mask the taste of the active ingredient. This masked active ingredient is then swallowed by the patient’s saliva along with the soluble and insoluble excipients.

This fast dissolving action is primarily due to the surface area of the tablet, which wets quickly when exposed to the moist oral environment. These additional, superior benefits allow patients to take their medication anytime and anyplace under all circumstances.

These tablets are either very porous or inherently soft molded matrices or tablets compacted at very low compression forces in order to maximize tablet porosity and minimize oral dissolution/disintegration time.

The delivery system is simply placed on a patient’s tongue or any oral mucosal tissue. Instantly wet by saliva, the tablet rapidly hydrates onto the site of 3
application. It then rapidly disintegrates and dissolves to release the medication for oromucosal absorption or with formula modifications will maintain the quick dissolving aspect but allow for gastrointestinal absorption to be achieved when swallowed.

1. Taste of the medicament
As most drugs are unpalatable fast dissolving delivery systems usually contain the medicament in a taste masked form. Delivery systems dissolve or disintegrate in patient’s mouth, thus releasing the active ingredients which come in contact with the taste buds and hence, taste masking of the drugs becomes...
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