Features of MoShell

Topics: Deletion, Death Penalty, Logarithm Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: March 21, 2015
In general, MoShell is capable of reading and editing Managed Objects, therefore it provides similar O&M services as the M-MGw Node Manager. MoShell is a text-based network element manager for nodes that operate on the so-called Cello platform, which can be used across different nodes such as M-MGw, RNC and Node-Bs. Unlike element manager which requires a different version for M-MGw and RNC/Node-Bs. MoShell provides certain powerful features that help in node configurations, troubleshooting and in node management. For example, it is possible to perform operations on many Managed Objects at the same time, which is a tremendous advantage over Node Manager. MoShell also supports scripting, which gives new opportunities for node management, because many processes can be automated. It is also possible to read the whole node configuration data and save the output to a log file. AMOS Supports live network monitoring of Performance management report (PMR) for Network performance, counters and querying of capacity management reports e.g processor loads and node availability checks MO configuration allows performing various MO operations, including reading MO contents, setting attribute values, creating and deleting Managed Objects as well as executing different MO actions in a fast and efficient way. Has a logging service which provides alarm, event, system and availability logs. There is a help functionality that can be used to full advantage of powerful features supported be MoShell such as the grep command. RNC kget dump files for inconsistency checks, RNC parameter audits are executed on AMOS. Batch parameter executions e.g. Rehoming of sites((Neighbour deletions, site rehoming, simulation exercises) Nodeb Mobatch executions for collecting NodeB parameters, features,CEs,plugInUnits. High level O&M functions will also be a challenge for example Scripting

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