Feminist Analysis Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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Feminist Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper

Feminist Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper

Feminist criticism is an analysis of literature from the female perspective. It can be a tool for stories that tell female experiences and how storytelling impacts women. In The Yellow Wallpaper, an account of a woman’s experience of child creation is provided for the reader. It tells how one woman who was discounted by the males in her life was able to embrace her own feminine knowingness for her best treatment after having a baby. An analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper from a feminist perspective will a description of feminist criticism, an analysis of how literature affects social perspectives of feminism, a look at how women are affected by pregnancy and delivery, post partum depression, and a detailed critic of The Yellow Wallpaper as if affects feminism will guide the development of this paper.

Feminist criticism has many ways of being described. It is the way that literature is utilized to construct the experience of women within a culture. It studies discerning patterns that reinforce all aspects of female life. Feminist critic’s aspects that have been used as a tool for political, economic, educational, social, psychological, health and more parts in every woman’s life as a point of study and understanding. Feminist criticism has not always been a welcomed literary analysis genre. Traditionally, in some communities, women have not been encouraged to read or pursue any form of education. This tradition has contributed to the lack of understanding of women’s lives, intelligence and position within society. The literature that was traditionally written pertaining to women was mostly by males attempting it to interpret the life of women. The question that becomes important to feminist criticism is, if the perspective is accurate? Feminist criticism was almost non-existent in the early years of our country. For those women who braved against the male literary current were discounted. There were many: from Abigail Adams to Phyllis Wheatley to Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Susan B. Anthony and an endless list of revolutionary women who laid the foundation for the voices of women to be heard. “Educative deliberation ± that is, deliberation for the purposes of contributing to a society's collective learning process, discovery, and knowledge ± is the basis of the complementary philosophy of social criticism I propose, (Ackerly p6).” The Yellow Wallpaper adds another woman to this list. The heroine of this story has to find and use her voice. Literature that includes women affects social perspectives. Feminist criticism can be used as an analysis of how literature affects social perspectives of feminism. Storytelling is a tradition that is as old as language itself. Originally, oral literature was used as a means to teach members of a community various items: culture, familial lineage, morals, spiritual beliefs, skills, and more. Women’s positions within these communities varied according to sociological structures. These communications of literature affected how sub-groups within a community was interpreted and labeled. For women in America, this became an ongoing struggle for an extremely long. The blending of literature and treatment of women grew in challenging directions as biblical storytelling affected the earliest developments of communities. The oneness of church and state directly affected laws towards women. From the era of the Puritans and beyond, religion has been a topic frequently written and spoken about. What are the roles of women in the Bible? There are very few stories that present women in a positive depiction, let alone an intelligent and powerful one. These biblical stories tell of women having questionable character and in need of male guidance. Eve providing the apple to Adam, Magdalena and her occupation and Dehlila and Sampson are just a few stories that render the view...

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