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This report has been prepared as a requirement of the internship program BUS 400 under the BBA program of BRAC University. For my internship program, I got the opportunity to work at country‟s leading pharmaceutical company, world reputed Square Pharmaceuticals Limited (SPL). I was placed under one of the most important departments in the company Product Management Department (PMD). Basically PMD performs the all planning, implementation of plans as part of marketing management functions. My internship program instigated from 26, September, 2010 to 25, December, 2010 and during this period, I was assigned to do the project work on the topic Generic Shifting Analysis by my onsite supervisor. I was under the direct supervision of Mr. Dipak Kumar Saha, Senior Manager, PMD, Square Pharmaceuticals Limited and Mr. Anup Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, BRAC Business School, BRAC University for my internship program. Though the topic for my project work was assigned by my onsite supervisor but it was duly approve by my academic supervisor. The project is to investigate the trend toward which doctors‟ preference for any genric under any therapeutic class is shifting to another one. The report will definitely increase the knowledge of the department about the changing trend and preference of doctors regarding any generic which might help the department to plan their marketing effort considering these facts to make the plans more effective.

The broad objective of this report is to explore the trend of generic shifting over a particular time period (2006-June, 2010). The main focus is to analyze the shifting in preference of molecule by the whole pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh and SPL‟s progress to cope up with the changing trend.


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The Specific Objectives for this report is are as following, Analyze the value wise improvements of different molecules under each therapeutic class. Analyze growth trend of different molecules over the period. Analyze doctors‟ preference to prescribe any generic over another and how numbers are changing of prescription with any molecule written on it over time. Analyze the performance of different brands of different companies in the market with potential promising molecules in the market. Explore the position of different SPL brands in the market and analyze scopes for improvements. Analyze SPL‟s thoughts from information gathered from product managers of the company.

Information used to prepare this report has been collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources have provided the report with reliable information relating to SPL‟s planning and measures to cope up with current market scenario. On the other hand, the secondary sources have been an essential source of information regarding the pharmaceutical industry worldwide and domestically, different companies operating in Bangladesh, data for trend analysis considering value, share and growth and also data regarding numbers of prescribing any molecule by doctors which depicts doctors‟ shift of preference over time. 1.3.1Primary Sources: Primary information was collected from the product managers working in SPL‟s Product Management Department for relevant therapeutic classes. This information collection was done through set questionnaire with some generalize and specific question. Informal discussion with my onsite supervisor and other staffs were also helpful for gathering information for this report.


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1.3.2Secondary Sources: The report basically is prepared by analyzing data from secondary sources. There are two main secondary sources from which data are collected. These are numerical data related to the values, share and growth of different molecules and...
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