Topics: Clinical trial, Pharmacology, Ethics Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: April 3, 2014
There are two main points in this case. The first one is that AH Biotech will be the first to bring that particular drug to the market faster and cheaper. The second one is that the company considers the problem of offering people dramatic relief then snatches it away after getting approved. It is an ethical dilemma that the company faces. 2

The major problem in this case focuses on how the company can market its product to be the first company on the market to own this kind of the product in the fastest and cheapest way. According to the case, doing the clinical trails in Albania will save the company at least 25 percent by running the test there. 3

I would do the best for the company with considering the two issues that the company would face. I would do the clinical trails in Albania, because it would be so much cheaper and faster to market the product and to be the first company that has this kind of product in the market. However, I would consider the issue of cutting off the product from the people in the poor country like Albania, where it has barely functional health system. After getting approved, from the profits I would set up a compassionate use program and develop a system to train the doctors to administer the drug, and monitor patients for adverse effects. In that way, the company would invest in different country, which is great in today’s world of globalization. “ Globalization refers to extent to which trade and investment, information, ideas, and political cooperation flow between countries” (p, 95).
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