FOA1 Reflection Questions

Topics: Typography, Communication, Media studies Pages: 1 (246 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Following completion of your FOA you are required to complete a reflective statement, commenting on your performance and the progress you made in achieving your aims. Write around 1 page, 12-point font, double-spaced. It is okay to use first person pronouns I and me when you write it. STRUCTURE:

Paragraph 1:
Which learning outcome was best revealed by your presentation? LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1) Examine different forms of communication within the media. 2) Show awareness for educational, political or ideological influence of the media. Or 3) Show how media uses language to inform, persuade or entertain Which text(s) did you present?

What was your thesis?
Paragraph 2:
What were your strengths? Why? Be very specific, and use examples from your presentation. Paragraph 3:
What were your weaknesses? How could you improve on them? Be specific and use examples.

How did your presentation show knowledge and understanding of mass communication? How did you demonstrate your understanding of linguistic terminology? Did you use quotations throughout?
Did you analyze the intended effect of the quotations?
How well did you embed your discussion of the impact of images in a mass communication text? Did you reveal your knowledge of how specific audiences receive the text? Alternative readings? How fluently did you express yourself?

How coherent was your organization?
Did you consider the role of persuasion, entertainment or information in your text? Purpose developed? Did you consider the role of the text type, of context, of author etc?
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