For Hours and Hours and Hours

Topics: Tide, The Edge, Ocean Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: January 28, 2013
For Hours and Hours and Hours

“Its all your fault, don’t deny it.” he was calm collected and obviously aware of the victory to come. “No... I did nothing,” my sister yelled at him, oblivious to how childish she sounded, rage was hidden in her voice. Honestly I don't know why she stays with him, they argue when nothing is wrong. He can’t even support himself, I don't know why she tolerates him forgetting dates and birthdays. She could do so much better, but I guess shes afraid to lose him. When I come back to reality she is curled up on the couch, crying. Mumbling about how she shouldn't have lost her temper, and said such terrible things. “Sis, ok, what's wrong?”

“‘Sis’, he always used to call me sis, why did I have make such a stupid mistake!” “Honestly I think-”
“You and all your opinions! Why don’t you just get out of here!” Slam.
Huh, just walk it off. There is nothing to be worried about, nothing.

I sat down at the edge of a tall rocky cliff that was overlooking the ocean at high tide. I was completely amazed on how fulfilled I could be sitting on the edge of the earth, a dangerous place where one mistake could be your demise. We can search forever for fulfillment, but never find it because, we never look. We never look where it counts, straight in front of us. History, can and will repeat itself, and like sheep, we will follow each other off the face of the cliff, without a second thought, unable to make the connection between it and death. We all want something better than we already have. We want what others have, and some will get it at whatever means necessary. They are focused, sharpening themselves so they have an edge, little do they know that others are sneaking up behind them, waiting for the perfect opportunity to stab them in the back. All to take their place, unaware that history will repeat itself. The world has bad people, but in every diseased apple tree, there is a perfect apple, hiding, camouflaged on one of the limbs. But the...
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