Foreign Aid

Topics: Afghanistan, United States, Middle East Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Chris Amato
Mrs. Titterton
International Business
27 November 2012
Wealth Means Health
The subject of foreign aid is one that is very controversial and hotly debated. The United States invests billions of dollars each year to causes which some believe are viable and others believe are a waste of time, money, and resources. In Afghanistan for example, it is many people would argue that the money which the United States sends in foreign aid is getting in to the wrong hands and aiding the Taliban as opposed to assisting in the basic needs of the people as it was intended. Nevertheless, although some money used in foreign aid may be misused at times, it is an effective tool because it provides a means for survival for many, increases respectful relationships, and it helps people in desperate situations to help themselves. The most obvious reason that foreign aid is effective is seen in the direct help in the survival of human beings. For example, in Tanzania last year, The United States helped to fund a road, water, and sanitation project which helped over five million people and increased economic gain by one billion dollars (Jenkins). A lack of these resources in evident in The Dressmaker of Khair Khana in the fact that Kamila and her family had to walk miles just to get fresh water from some well. It is projects like these, funded with foreign aid, that point a country’s hurting people in the right direction and lead them to become active members of society and ultimately to raise the country to have a voice in the economic world. Perhaps the most important piece of helping countries through foreign aid is the fact that it is designed not to continuously be a crutch to lean on forever, but it is meant to help people to help themselves. Over the past six decades, child mortality rates have plummeted, literacy rates have risen, and the average household income has tripled in developing countries (Hockstein). Furthermore, as foreign aid begins to...
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