Topics: Sociology, Culture, Human Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Human development is a process of growing into maturity. Human development entails growth from a one cell zygote to an adult human being. Human development lets us know who we are and it shows us how we interact on a day to day basic. Within the foundation of human development we learn to understand bio-psychosocial dimensions, the concept of human diversity and cultural competence as well as the connection of general systems and social order. All of these characteristics are put in place so you can be a good human service professional. The interaction between bio-psychosocial dimensions of development contains biological, psychological and social dimensions. A great example that would better help you understand is if a baby is born with a birth defect. A baby born with a birth defect takes from the biological dimension. With a birth defect the baby will have a hard time doing the everyday things in life like getting around like a normal baby. A person being in a psychological dimension take a toll on how the look at the world around them. Once one reaches social dimension it affects how they may interact with others in their environment. A birth defect later on could affect how one feels towards others because they don’t look at them and they may question why them. It could also affect the friends they have growing up in their social lives. The concept of human diversity is the difference among people and how those differences make an effect on society, including biological, social and culture. The concept of competence is the ability to interact effectively with people of different culture backgrounds particularly in human resources and government agencies. With all of the immigrants in the world or the cultural difference it is in our best interest now to be more culturally diverse. The general system theory state that is a theory of order and it has been likened to a science of wholeness. The social order is the totality of structured human...
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