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English 1013
16 July 2014
Natural Childbirth
Since the beginning of time women have stayed constant with two things, menstruating and childbirth. Childbirth one of the most beautiful and natural experiences of a woman’s life began to get compromised in the 1960’s with the invention of the Epidural “epidural anesthetic, used especially in childbirth to produce loss of sensation below the waist.”(Webster 782) Childbirth now means just the delivery of a child it can now be opened for interpretation just saying childbirth can mean with or without drugs, vaginally or by cesarean. Natural childbirth however the vaginal delivery of a baby unmedicated or drugged. Natural childbirth is a concept that in westernized societies is quickly becoming suppressed for many reasons some of the most common, not knowing you have other options, lack of resources such a childbirth classes, educated nursed on natural childbirth, and mothers ignorance many women are unaware they have full control and are able to deny and refuse to Follow hospital specific policies such as staying in bed, staying on the monitors, not allowed to get up and walk around. By women having natural unmedicated child birth is gives her more sense of accomplishment, she had to work harder to accomplish the ultimate goal of labor; birth (Drage 467).

Women are not properly educated on natural childbirth; all they know is it hurts, but very seldom are women taught the benefits. In natural child birth the benefits such as a quicker and easier initiation to breastfeeding, stronger bond between mother child, and father, and a much more successful birthing process with a lower risk of C-section.

With an excessive use of epidurals and medication comes consequences just a few common ones include stalling labor adding additional stress on the baby, higher risk for C-sections. Natural childbirth in any and all studies and medical professionals show it is more beneficial to both mom and baby “Natural birth is...
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